After devoting your life to building a successful business, you want to leave it in capable hands when you’re ready to move on. Setting up a smart business succession plan will ensure your business continues to run smoothly and capably under the leadership you’ve chosen, whether they are family members or not.

Why Your Business Needs a Succession Plan

At REAP Financial, we take the reins and guide you through the business succession planning process. Your actual exit from the company may be decades away, or in a matter of months; but whatever the timeline, we can ease your burden and kick-start the planning process. Our advisers will map out an exit strategy for retirement, including your eventual succession plan and tax burden. Our experienced advisers can guide you through a smooth and fair transition, working to limit your tax exposure in the process.

Benefits to Hiring a Business Succession Planner

Whether you’re contemplating a business growth strategy or an acquisition, our dedicated financial advisers can help. To grow your company and increase sales and profits, you’ll need an advanced plan that separates your company from the competition. Some common business growth strategies you might consider include market development or expansion, market penetration, product expansion, and diversification. We’ll examine your business’s current status and help you navigate the process.

When our business succession team assists with an acquisition, we guide clients through risk analysis and market research into the desired acquisition and new markets. Together, we’ll execute the new business vision or acquisition while taking care of all the details.

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