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Chris Heerlein is an advisor, author, TV show host, and radio host focusing on all things retirement. Catch a glimpse of some of this work below.

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Retire Ready on KLBJ with Chris Heerlein

Chris Heerlein, along with his co-host Sandra Newman, host an educational weekly call-in radio show for those interested in retirement. They discuss topics ranging from lowering your taxes in retirement to Social Security benefits to how today's political landscape affects your retirement.  Hear Chris on KLBJ's Retire Ready.

Author of Money Won't Buy Happiness

Chris Heerlein takes retirees of every age and income through steps to discover the greatest asset of all…TIME. This book serves to lead investors on a path to once and for all take control of their financial future, providing a perpetual level of happiness only freedom can bring. Chris Heerlein is the author of more books on managing your finances at different points in life.

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