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”This is a very informative book for anyone who wants to maximize their retirement fund. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s you’ll be able to glean useful information. Chris Heerlein really covers the bases here so no matter what age, you’ll be able to use this informative book. Easy to read, easy to follow, I definitely recommend!” –DK on Amazon


Strategies for Optimizing RMDs from IRAs

4 Strategies for Optimizing RMDs from IRAs

With our current laws, if you’re approaching ages 73 or 75, you’ll likely be facing required minimum distributions (RMDs) soon. If you have any money in an IRA or 401(k), you have to take RMDs from these accounts when you reach those ages. This means you’ll have to pay taxes on those RMDs. If you’ve saved successfully for retirement, you may not want to take the RMDs since they can create additional taxes, increase your Medicare payments, and more.

Asset Location Drives After Tax Investment Returns

Asset Location Drives After Tax Investment Returns

When you’re saving for retirement, it is obvious that how much you’re saving makes an enormous impact. However, many times people overlook the importance of choosing where you’re saving strategically. In truth, where you’re saving your money is just as important as how much money you’re saving. Keep reading to learn where the most savvy investors save their money to minimize taxes and maximize their wealth in retirement! 

Why Your Retirement Account Paperwork Needs to Be Done Right

Why Your Retirement Account Paperwork Needs to Be Done Right

Join Chris, CEO of Reap Financial, as he uncovers the critical importance of maintaining accurate paperwork for your IRAs and 401(k)s. In this eye-opening episode, Chris shares two compelling case studies highlighting the significant pitfalls that can arise from neglected retirement account paperwork.